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Basque Country Campsite » Activities close to the Basque Country campsite

Culture and traditions in the Basque Country

The Basque dance

A must for folklore and local culture

The Basque dance atmosphere, mesmerised by customs, attracts your attention with its rhythmic steps, its traditional colourful costumes and its lively music. The dances vary by region, and sometimes even by city or village!

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The Basque strength

It is a set of 16 sports events inspired by the daily life of Basque craftsmen of yesteryear. The best known are felling logs with an axe (Aizkolariak), pulling rope (Soka Tira) or hoisting stones weighing several hundred kilograms (Harri altaxtzea). Don’t miss the spectacle that these Basque power games offer during your stay in the southwest.

La pelote Basque

The most famous traditional Basque sport

Pelota includes various ball games such as bare hand, pala or chistera, and is played in all the villages and towns on the Basque coast. Do not hesitate to initiate yourself or to take part in professional competitions during your holiday! This sport is played outside or inside on a pediment called “free space”, a “wall on the left”, or a trinquet.

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The village fete

Basque tradition in the heart of the festival

All the Basque villages celebrate at a certain moment of the year. It is the moment to find a piece of history and tradition of each of them thanks to the various parades and other cultural activities organized for the occasion. Of course, alcohol and cold drinks can flow freely.

Sports activities

Near our campsite Saint Jean de Luz
Below you will find a list of activities to practise not far from our campsite in the Basque Country. Brochures of these activities in our Pyrénées Atlantiques department are available at the reception of the campsite.

  • Diving (2.5 km)
  • Canoes/kayak (5km)
  • Aquagym (4km)
  • Water sports (2.5 km)
  • Archery (6km)
  • Asker (4,5 km)
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Here is a list of different facilities near our campsite in the Basque Country. For more information, please contact the reception of the campsite.

  • Tennis (4km)
  • Miniaturewave (4km)
  • Wave (4km)
  • Discotheque (4km)
  • Cinema (4 km)

Local activities

    • The coastal path is opposite the campsite, runs along the coast and takes you to the centre and the large beach of Saint Jean de Luz. You will discover beautiful panoramas.

Bus 150 metres on foot from the campsite takes you directly to the centre of Saint Jean de Luz, the port, the large beach but also the nearest supermarket.
Bus to Bayonne, Biarritz, Hendaye, Bidart, Guétary & Urrugne.

View of San Sebastian. At the train station of the city of Hendaye you will find a small Spanish train called “EUSKO TREN” which takes you directly to the old town, near the large beach where you can taste the many Spanish “Tapas” for which it is famous.

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    In case of bad weather you can visit the aquarium of Biarritz or San Sebastian

  • The boat “Marie Louise” takes you from Hendaye to Fontarabie, a small harbour village, the journey costs 1.90 euros per person and runs from 10 am to 7 pm out of season and from 10 am to 1 am in high season (1 July to 15 September).
  • We offer many sports and leisure activities with our guide “Aventure 64” (diving, horseback riding, jet skiing, surfing, paddling, parachuting, etc…)
  • Le Jai Alai is 2 kilometres from the campsite. It is a must to discover the “Cesta Punta”, one of the 15 most famous specialties of Basque pelota
  • The Basque identity is also interspersed with local dances, where you will also find an initiation.
    Gastronomy is one of the pillars of the Basque tradition with the famous Basque cake, chocolate, macaroons for the sweet but also Axoa, hake, sea bream, chipirons, sheep cheese and many others…
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See the other activities available around the campsite

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